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Besides the depositions of autopsy participants and a few others who were directly related to the autopsy or medical treatment of President Kennedy, the ARRB conducted additional unsworn interviews of persons involved in the medical aspects of the case. These persons included a nurse at Parkland Hospital, the HSCA staffer who conducted most medical interviews for that investigation, the family of a White House photographer who was involved in the processing of autopsy photographs and may have even taken some of them, and others.

Some of these interviews, mostly untranscribed, are available. Where a link to an interview transcript would normally appear, the link instead is usually to a contact report or interview summary. An audio recording is available for many of these interviews; look for the speaker icon and click on it.

1-18-96 Donald A. Purdy   
Gloria Knudsen & Family, 5-10-96    (PDF: 665 K)
Audrey Bell, 3-20-97    (PDF: 573 K)