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The History Matters Archive brings to the electronic realm scanned images of paper reports, transcripts, and other documents, along with streaming audio and photographs. Much of this material has been declassified since the passage of the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Collection Act. These new documents contain a wealth of surprising material which will change the debate about the Presidency of John F. Kennedy as well as his murder.

History Matters' electronic offerings also include materials previously available in expensive and hard-to-find paper form, including published volumes of the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Two main categories of electronic documents and related materials are now available. The first is records directly relating to the assassination of President Kennedy and its subsequent investigations, and includes much new material released by the Assassination Records Review Board. The second set consists of records related to Vietnam foreign policy during the Kennedy administration, which contain surprising "new" facts regarding 1963 policy.

JFK Assassination Reports and Records

Vietnam Policy Records