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Gloria Knudsen is the wife of former White House photographer Robert Knudsen, who passed away in 1989. Robert Knudsen had been interviewed by the HSCA in 1978; in that interview he told of his role in developing the autopsy photographs and his adamant recollection that he had seen at least one photo with metal probes through the body.

Mrs. Knudsen, along with her children Terri and Bob, told what Robert Knudsen had related to them about his role in the events surrounding the assassination. This included their recollection that Knudsen had not only been involved in developing autopsy pictures, he had also photographed the autopsy. Mr. Knudsen had also told his family about the probes through the body, and said that photographs now in evidence included some which were altered.

The family also described Knudsen's consternation over never having received a copy of the transcript of his HSCA testimony, though the ARRB showed them a signature page and the family agreed that it was Robert's signature. The audiotape of the HSCA interview would be a natural place to go to verify the accuracy of the transcript. Unfortunately, the tape of that interview does not include Knudsen's voice. Instead, it sounds like the voice of a stenographer transcribing the interview as it occurred, though that is difficult to discern with certainty. Furthermore, parts of the tape are overwritten with unrelated audio material.

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