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Cover-up by Stewart Galanor

Published by Kestrel Books, 1998
Price: $25

Product Code: BK-COVERUP

From the book cover:

Cover-up exposes the efforts of the Warren Commission to hide the facts about JFK's assassination. With striking precision, Cover-up cuts to the chase: evidence ignored, suppressed, and destroyed. In the time it takes to watch a movie, you will become an expert on the Government's efforts to bury irrefutable evidence of a conspiracy to kill the President.

Cover-up includes a unique trove of documentary evidence and a photographic introduction that takes you back to the events of November 1963. If you believe President Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman, or doubt the Government lied, this book is for you.

Stewart Galanor is the author of the textbooks Calculus: A Visual Approach and The Paradox of Tristram Shandy. He is a multimedia consultant and technical writer for financial institutions and the television industry. He resides in New York City.