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The Russ Holmes Work File

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Now also available on a single DVD-ROM for $89.95 (AARC members $79.95) - please use product code DVD-RUSSHOLMES.


This set of 8 CD-ROMs consists of over 40,000 pages in over 6000 CIA documents released in 1998 - 2000. These records comprise a collection of documents maintained by CIA archivist Russell Holmes, much of it related to the investigation of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). The DVD-ROM edition contains the complete collection on a single DVD-ROM disc.

Internal memos, cables, reports, transcripts, newspaper clippings, and a host of other materials make up the Russ Holmes Work File. This collection contains a huge amount of new information on the "Oswald in Mexico City" affair, CIA dealings with the Warren Commission and the HSCA, CIA monitoring of the Garrison investigation, and the history of the JFK assassination.

Access to such a vast archive of documents is greatly facilitated by innovative "Live Indexes," which present sorted lists of document summaries, each a hyperlink to the actual document. Indexes sorted by record number, date, box and folder, topic, and by names of persons referenced in the document summaries. A full-text search index is also present on each CD-ROM.

CD-ROM Contents

The Russ Holmes Work File is divided among eight CD-ROMs by record number:

  • Disk 1: 104-10400 and 104-10404 series
  • Disk 2: 104-10406, 104-10408, and 104-10413 series
  • Disk 3: 104-10414 and 104-10418 series
  • Disk 4: 104-10419 and 104-10422 series
  • Disk 5: 104-10423, 104-10425, 104-10427, and 104-10428 series
  • Disk 6: 104-10429, 104-10431, 104-10433, and 104-10434 series
  • Disk 7: 104-10435, 104-10436, 104-10437, 104-10438, 104-10439, 104-10440, 104-10441 and 104-10412 series
  • Disk 8: 104-10273 series

Each CD-ROM contains between 4000 and 7500 pages of documents in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), accompanied by several Live Indexes and a full-text search index.

The DVD-ROM edition contains all of the above on a single DVD-ROM disc.

Topics include:

  • Pre-assassination cable traffic regarding Lee Harvey Oswald's purported trip to Mexico City.
  • Post-assassination cables and memos to and from Mexico City.
  • The Mexico City "Mystery Man" whose photograph was sent to Dallas on the evening of November 22, 1963.
  • Gilberto Alvarado Ugarte, the Nicaraguan undercover agent who claimed to have seen Oswald take money to kill Kennedy in the Cuban Embassy.
  • Yuri Nosenko, the 1964 Soviet defector who was imprisoned by the CIA.
  • Memos and letters between the CIA and the Warren Commission, and internal memos of meetings with Warren Commission staff members.
  • CIA monitoring of the Garrison investigation and internal memos about Clay Shaw and other suspects and witnesses.
  • Internal CIA memos critiquing books and articles critical of the Warren Commission, and providing instructions and strategies to CIA personnel in using "media assets" to counter these damaging stories.
  • Memos and letters between the CIA and the House Select Committee on Assassinations ("HSCA"), and internal CIA memos about the HSCA.
  • CIA critiques of drafts and final versions of writings of the Church Committee and the HSCA.
  • Newspaper and magazine clippings, book excerpts, and transcripts of interviews. Coverage of the writings on the JFK assassination during the 1970s is extensive, as it is during the period of the Oliver Stone movie JFK and its aftermath.
  • Memos and other information relating to or generated by a variety of persons: George DeMohrenschildt, Valeriy Kostikov, Eugene Dinkin, Gilberto Alvarado, David Phillips, Jim Garrison, Silvia Duran, Richard Helms, Gerry Patrick Hemming, Ray Rocca, Willem Oltmans, Lucien Conein, Santos Trafficante, and many more.
  • Internal memoranda and formal responses to FOIA requests by a variety of researchers, including Paul Hoch, Mark Allen, and Gary Shaw.
  • And more.....


  • High-quality scanned images. Documents are stored in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), which features exact visual reproduction in combination with text searchability. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is used for viewing.
  • Multiple browse and search options. Use Live Indexes to browse or search by record number, date, box and folder number, document type, or by referenced to a particular person or group. Each CD-ROM also has a full-text search index for instant lookup of a name, word, or phrase. The DVD-ROM edition allows the entire collection to be searched with one query.
  • Help tutorial, historical overview, and more. Helpful tutorial pages, an introduction to the collection, information on the AARC and the National Archives, and more.
  • Print Options. Print individual pages or entire documents.

System Requirements

  • PC with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP, or Macintosh
  • Web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (included)