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The Garrison Transcripts

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The Garrison Transcripts contains the most important transcripts related to the Garrison investigation of the late 1960s. This set includes the transcript of the 1969 trial of Clay Shaw, as well as the newly-available transcripts of the grand jury which preceded that trial.

This CD-ROM also includes other transcripts and documents relating to the Garrison investigation and its aftermath, including the transcript of the Shaw Preliminary Hearing, a 1600-page deposition of Gordon Novel, and transcripts related to Garrison's attempt to obtain the JFK autopsy photos and X-rays for use at the Clay Shaw trial

Detailed List of Contents

Transcripts of the trial of Clay Shaw, the Orleans Parish Grand Jury transcripts, and other important transcripts:

  • Clay Shaw Trial Transcript. An electronic transcript of the 1969 trial of Clay Shaw, a New Orleans businessman tried for conspiracy in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Shaw was acquitted. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's investigation into the assassination became the subject of the popular film JFK, and remains controversial more than three decades later.
  • Grand Jury Transcripts. Transcripts of the Orleans Parish Grand Jury, once ordered destroyed but secretly kept hidden in a basement for decades, and finally delivered to the Assassination Records Review Board in 1995. These transcripts cover interviews with 40 persons over the period from March of 1967 to January of 1969.
  • Shaw Preliminary Hearing. The transcript of the preliminary hearing in mid-March of 1967, where a three-judge panel ruled that there was sufficient evidence against Clay Shaw to proceed to trial.
  • Shaw vs. Garrison. After the trial's verdict of Not Guilty, Garrison had indicted Shaw on a charge of perjury. Shaw v. Garrison was Shaw's successful attempt to have the courts issue a permanent injunction barring Garrison from prosecuting him further. This is the transcript of the hearing which produced that injunction.

Additional Transcripts and Documents:

  • Autopsy Review and Panel Review. This comprises three documents: a 1967 review of JFK autopsy photos and X-rays, a letter from Dr. Boswell requesting further review, and the 1968 "Clark Panel" report.
  • Summary of Pleadings Introduced by Jim Garrison On January 31, 1969 in Continuing Effort to Get Photos and X-rays. A few weeks before the start of the Clay Shaw trial, Judge Charles Halleck held a hearing on the question of whether the U.S. Government would be ordered to produce photographs, X-rays, and other material from the autopsy of President Kennedy.
  • Autopsy Photo & X-Ray Hearings. This document is a transcript of the hearing at which the previous Summary of Pleadings was introduced.
  • Haggerty Order. This 2-page court order, issued by Judge Edward Haggerty in the Shaw trial, demanded that James Rhoads, Archivist of the United States, or his designated agent, appear in Lousiana court with the autopsy photographs and X-rays of the late President Kennedy. This order was overturned, and the autopsy materials were never entered into evidence at the trial.
  • Chronology and Summary of Attempts to Obtain Photos & X-Rays. This document lays out the chronology of the struggle to obtain the JFK autopsy photographs and X-rays for use at the Clay Shaw trial, as well as other materials including JFK's coat and shirt, and the alleged assassination rifle.
  • Dulles Request for Attendance. Two documents related to Garrison's attempt to obtain the appearance of former CIA head Allen Dulles at the trial of Clay Shaw.
  • CIA Documents. Over 40 CIA documents related to the agency's monitoring of Garrison's investigation. These include 9 numbered memos distributed within the agency, memos of "Garrison meetings" held at CIA, documents relating to CIA status of Shaw and others, and more.
  • Gordon Novel Extradition Hearing. Self-proclaimed CIA agent, electronics expert, and alleged participant in the "raid" of an ammunitions cache in Houma, Novel fled the state of Lousiana to avoid appearing before the Grand Jury. An Ohio court heard arguments during an extradition hearing in March of 1968.
  • Gordon Novel Deposition. The October issue of Playboy Magazine featured an interview with DA Jim Garrison. In this article Garrison alleged that Stephen Plotkin, attorney for Gordon Novel, had admitted to being paid by the CIA, and further admitted that his client (Novel) was a CIA agent. Novel sued Garrison and Playboy for libel; this length deposition (nearly 1600 pages) was taken as part of the proceedings in that suit.
  • Other Novel Documents. Other Novel-related documents include the cable he sent to CIA chief Richard Helms, answers to interrogatories posed by defense attorneys in the libel suit, and more.
  • Davy vs. CIA Memorandum. This filing is part of a continuing effort by author William Davy to obtain CIA documents relating to projects QK/ENCHANT and ZR/CLIFF. A now-declassified CIA memorandum of March 16, 1967, states that J. Monroe Sullivan, an alibi witness for Shaw and with a business relationship to him, was cleared for use in "Project QK/ENCHANT." Others cleared for this project include E. Howard Hunt. The memo further identifies Shaw's file number, implying that he also was cleared for this project.


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