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AARC 2004 Conference DVD Set

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This 13-DVD set contains the entire video of the AARC's September 2004 Washington conference commemorating the 40th anniversary of the publication of the Warren Report. Entitled "The Warren Report and its legacy," the conference focused on the state of the JFK assassination case 40 years after men of "unimpeachable reputation" issued their findings that both Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby had acted alone.

The conference featured speakers such as Cyril Wecht MD, Gary Aguilar MD, Don Thomas, Josiah Thompson, David Talbot, Jefferson Morley, John Newman, David Kaiser, and many other presenters.

Each DVD contains chapter markers, so that the Scene Selection feature may be used to jump to the desired presentation.

DVD Contents

Disc 1

Jim Lesar, President of AARC - Opening Address
Profs. Gerald McKnight and David Wrone - The Warren Report: Fact or Fiction?

Disc 2

Rex Bradford - Eight Days in November: The Genesis of the Warren Commission
Jim Lesar, JD - Design Flaws in the Warren Commission
Dan Alcorn, JD - From the Warren Report to the 9/11 Commission

Disc 3

Dr. Cyril Wecht - The Warren Report and the Requisites of a Proper Autopsy
Dr. Michael Levy
- The Forensics of JFK's head Injury and its consistency with the Hypothesis of the Lone Assassin

Disc 4

Dr. Gary Aguilar - What do we really know about JFK's Head Injury?
Dr. Randolph Robertson - X-Ray and Medical Evidence of Two Shots to the Head

Disc 5

Drs. Aguilar, Wecht, Robertson, and Levy- Panel Discussion
Josiah Thompson, PhD - The Shot from the Grassy Knoll: The Evolution of the Evidence
David Wimp - New Evidence Regarding a Shot from the Grassy Knoll

Disc 6

Dr. Don B. Thomas- Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: The Acoustical Evidence Shows a Conspiracy

Disc 7

Prof. Ken Rahn - The Harmony of the Physical Evidence
Dr. Gary Aguilar - Chain of Possession
Stuart Wexler - A Response to Dr. Rahn

Disc 8

David Talbot- What the High and Mighty Thought about the Assassination
Jefferson Morley & Prof. John Newman - What the Warren Commission Missed: Unwitting Participants and Unindicted Co-conspirators

Disc 9

Jefferson Morley & Prof. John Newman- Q & A
Max Holland & Dr. Gary Aguilar - Was Garrison Duped by the KGB?

Disc 10

David Kaiser- The JFK Assassination: A Historian's Approach
Jerry Policoff - The News Media and the Kennedy Assassination

Disc 11

Roger Feinman, JD - CBS, Peter Jennings, and the Lone Assassin Theory

Disc 12

Jerry Policoff, Jim Hougan, Roger Feinman, & Jefferson Morley - Panel Discussion
Jeremy Gunn - Reflections on the JFK Review Board

Disc 13

Jeremy Gunn - Major JFK Act Disclosures
Jim Lesar - Where Do We Go From Here?
Jim Lesar, Dan Alcorn, John Judge, & Cyril Wecht - Panel Discussion