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History Matters produces CD-ROMs in a joint venture with the Assassination Archives and Research Center, making the AARC's vast collection of documents more accessible in this electronic format.


The Church Committee Reports
Price: $29.95   (AARC Members: $24.95)
Product Code: CD-CHURCH

This CD-ROM collects together electronic copies of all 14 hard-to-find published reports of the Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activites. The so-called Church Committee documented a variety of abuses by the intelligence agencies. Also included on this CD-ROM is over 1000 pages of Church Church Committee documents released under the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act. Some of these records were declassified as recently as the summer of 2000.

The Russ Holmes Work File
Price: $99.95   (AARC Members: $89.95)

DVD-ROM Edition:

Price $89.95   (AARC Members: $79.95)

The Russ Holmes Work File is a major collection of documents relating to the JFK assassination maintained in the CIA by archivist Russell Holmes. Much of it overlaps with documents made available to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) in the 1970s. This vast collection contains more than 6000 documents totaling over 45,000 pages. It contains a great deal of material on the "Oswald in Mexico City" affair, as well as CIA dealings with the Warren Commission and the HSCA, CIA monitoring of the Garrison investigation, and the history of the JFK assassination.

The Garrison Transcripts
Price: $39.95   (AARC Members: $34.95)
Product Code: CD-GARRTRAN

The Garrison Transcripts contains the most important transcripts related to the Garrison investigation of the late 1960s. This set includes the transcript of the 1969 trial of Clay Shaw, as well as the newly-available transcripts of the grand jury which preceded that trial. This CD-ROM also includes other transcripts and documents relating to the Garrison investigation and its aftermath, including a 1600-page deposition of Gordon Novel and transcripts related to Garrison's attempt to obtain the JFK autopsy photos and X-rays for use at the Clay Shaw trial.

Assassination Transcripts of the Church Committee
Price: $39.95   (AARC Members: $34.95)

This CD-ROM contains over 125 electronic copies of transcripts of interviews conducted by the Church Committee in the 1970s. They provide a unique and compelling window on the Committee's investigation of CIA plots to assassinate foreign leaders, and also cover the Committee's probe into the FBI and CIA's support, or lack thereof, of the Warren Commission's investigation of the JFK assassination. Also included on the CD-ROM are reports and documents from the Church Committee's assassination investigation.

AARC 2004 Conference DVD Set
Price: $149.95   (AARC Members: $139.95)
Product Code: DVD-AARC2004

This 13-DVD set contains the entire video of the AARC's 2004 conference entitled "The Warren Report and its Legacy." The conference featured speakers such as Cyril Wecht MD, Gary Aguilar MD, Don Thomas, Josiah Thompson, David Talbot, Jefferson Morley, John Newman, David Kaiser, and many other presenters. Each DVD includes chapter markers for immediately accessing a desired talk.

All AARC CD-ROMs include the following features:

  • All documents are in Adobe Portable Document Format for exact reproduction.
  • A full-text search index allows instant lookup of names, words, and phrases.
  • Easy to use—no special software or installation required, other than a web browser and the free Adobe Reader (included).
  • Runs on Windows-based PCs and Macintoshes.