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The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy was announced by President Johnson on November 29, 1963, one week after the shots rang out in Dallas, and five days after alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was killed while in police custody. A little under 10 months later, the "Warren Commission" delivered this 888-page Report. The Report found that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy, alone and unaided, and that similarly Oswald's killer Jack Ruby was a "lone nut."

This Report was followed up a couple of months later by the publication of 26 volumes of Hearings and Exhibits. The Warren Report was widely hailed by the media as an exhaustive study produced by honorable and prestigious men, and was fairly widely accepted by the American public. It was not until a few years later, with the publication of several critical books and magazine pieces, that this acceptance began to turn into widespread disbelief and even ridicule of the Commission's conclusions.

The Warren Report remains the definitive statement of the "lone nut" theory of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Title  (PDF: 491 K)
Foreword  (PDF: 533 K)
Contents  (PDF: 399 K)
Chapter 1. Summary and Conclusions  (PDF: 2082 K)
Narrative of Events
Chapter II. The Assassination  (PDF: 4743 K)
Planning the Texas Trip
Advance Preparations for the Dallas Trip
Dallas Before the Visit
Visits to Other Texas Cities
Arrival at Love Field
Organization of the Motorcade
The Drive Through Dallas
The Assassination
Parkland Memorial Hospital
The End of the Trip
Chapter III. The Shots From the Texas School Book Depository  (PDF: 10234 K)
The Witnesses
The Presidential Automobile
Expert Examination of Rifle, Cartridge Cases, and Bullet Fragments
The Bullet Wounds
The Trajectory
Number of Shots
The Shot That Missed
Time Span of Shots
Chapter IV. The Assassin  (PDF: 9405 K)
Ownership and Possession of Assassination Weapon
The Rifle in the Building
Oswald at Window
The KIlling of Patrolman J. D. Tippit
Oswald's Arrest
Statements of Oswald During Detention
Prior Attempt to Kill
Oswald's Rifle Capability
Chapter V. Detention and Death of Oswald  (PDF: 5476 K)
Treatment of Oswald in Custody
Activity of Newsmen
The Abortive Transfer
Possible Assistance to Jack Ruby in Entering the Basement
Adequacy of Security Precautions
News Coverage and Police Policy
Responsibility of News Media
Chapter VI. Investigation of Possible Conspiracy  (PDF: 15830 K)
Circumstances Surrounding the Assassination
Background of Lee Harvey Oswald
Possible Conspiracy Involving Jack Ruby
Chapter VII. Lee Harvey Oswald: Background and Possible Motives  (PDF: 4536 K)
The Early Years
New York City
Return to New Orleans and Joining the Marine Corps
Interest in Marxism
Defection to the Soviet Union
Return to the United States
Personal Relations
Attack on General Walker
Political Activities
Interest in Cuba
Possible Influence of Anti-Kennedy Sentiment in Dallas
Relationship With Wife
The Unanswered Questions
Chapter VIII. The Protection of the President  (PDF: 3555 K)
The Nature of the Protective Assignment
Evaluation of Presidential Protection at the Time of the Assassination of President Kennedy
Appendix I. Executive Order No. 11130  (PDF: 40 K)
Appendix II. White House Release  (PDF: 51 K)
Appendix III. Senate Joint Resolution 137  (PDF: 89 K)
Appendix IV. Biographical Information and Acknowledgments  (PDF: 566 K)
Appendix V. List of Witnesses  (PDF: 1005 K)
Appendix VI. Commission Procedures for the Taking of Testimony  (PDF: 180 K)
Appendix VII. A Brief History of Presidential Protection  (PDF: 901 K)
Appendix VIII. Medical Reports From Doctors at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas Tex.  (PDF: 3747 K)
Appendix IX. Autopsy Report and Supplemental Report  (PDF: 464 K)
Appendix X. Expert Testimony  (PDF: 5799 K)
Firearms and Firearms Identification
Fingerprints and Palmprints
Questioned Documents
Wound Ballistics Experiments
Hairs and Fibers
Appendix XI. Reports Relating to the Interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Dallas Police Department  (PDF: 3374 K)
Appendix XII. Speculations and Rumors  (PDF: 2462 K)
The Source of the Shots
The Assassin
Oswald's Movements Between 12:33 and 1:15 P.M.
Murder of Tippit
Oswald After His Arrest
Oswald in the Soviet Union
Oswald's Trip to Mexico City
Oswald and U.S. Government Agencies
Conspiratorial Relationships
Other Rumors and Speculations
Appendix XIII. Biography of Lee Harvey Oswald  (PDF: 5865 K)
Early Years
Soviet Union
Fort Worth, Dallas, New Orleans
Mexico City
Appendix XIV. Analysis of Lee Harvey Oswald's Finances From June 13, 1962, Through November 22, 1963  (PDF: 227 K)
Appendix XV. Transactions Between Lee Harvey Oswald and Marine Oswald, and the U.S. Dept of State...  (PDF: 2448 K)
Issuance of Passport in 1959
Oswald's Attempts to Renounce His U.S. Citizenship
Return and Renewal of Oswald's 1959 Passport
Authorization for Marina Oswald to Enter the United States
Oswald's Letter to Senator Tower
The Loan From the State Department
Oswald's Return to the United States and Repayment of his Loan
Issuance of a Passport in June 1963
Visit to the Russian Embassy in Mexico City
Appendix XVI. A Biography of Jack Ruby  (PDF: 2092 K)
Family Background
Childhood and Youth (1911-33)
Young Manhood (1933-43)
Military Activities (1943-46)
Postwar Chicago (1946-47)
Dallas (1947-63)
Character and Interests
Appendix XVII. Polygraph Examination of Jack Ruby  (PDF: 602 K)
Preliminary Arrangements
Administration of the Test
Interpretation of the Test
Appendix XVIII. Footnotes  (PDF: 5036 K)
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Appendix VII
Appendix X
Appendix XII
Appendix XIII
Appendix XIV
Appendix XV
Appendix XVI
Appendix XVII
Index  (PDF: 610 K)