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   JFK Assassination Reports and Records
   House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)

HSCA depositions not included in other contents pages are presented here, in chronological order. This set currently includes the testimony of:
* Gerry Hemming, a soldier of fortune, leader of the Intercontinental Penetration Force (InterPen).
* Colonel Robert Jones, a military intelligence officer who testified that some of his men were in Dealey Plaza in plainclothes. Jones also described his activities of the afternoon of the assassination, when he provided some early disseminations of information on Oswald from his files.
* Willem Oltmans, a Dutch journalist who interviewed George DeMohrenschildt not long before DeMohrenschildt's apparent suicide.

Gerald Patrick Hemming, 3-21-78  (PDF: 13035 K)
Robert Jones, 4-20-78  (PDF: 3352 K)
Willem Oltmans, 4-1-77  (PDF: 9333 K)
Pedro Gutierrez Valencia, 6-5-78   
William Coleman, 8-2-78   
Juan Niles Ortero, 8-25-78