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The HSCA's nine-member medical panel wrote a lengthy report on the medical evidence, which differed in critical aspects from the Warren Commission's medical findings. Most importantly, the location of the entry wound in Kennedy's skull was deemed to be approximately four inches from where the autopsy report had placed it. But the distinguished HSCA panel had done a seemingly thorough job in analyzing all the medical evidence, had they not?

What was discovered with the release of the HSCA files in the early 1990s was a host of medical interviews, conducted by staff members Andy Purdy and Mark Flanagan, which were in major disagreement with the HSCA's conclusions and contained many very disturbing observations and allegations. Furthermore, it appears that the medical panel was aware of few of these interviews, as Andy Purdy told the ARRB in the mid 1990s. Also, two key interviews conducted by the medical panel itself were not published along with the report.

The list below is a subset of the medical interviews conducted by the HSCA, and will be completed in the future. Interviews of Parkland Hospital doctors Perry, Carrico, and Shires may be found in volume VII of the HSCA Appendices. Notes of interviews of Paul O'Connor, James Jenkins, and others may be found in the ARRB's Master Set of Medical Exhibits.

Tom Robinson, 1-12-77    (PDF: 1107 K)
James Humes and J. Thorton Boswell, 9-16-77    (PDF: 2938 K)
Richard Lipsey, 1-18-78    (PDF: 618 K)
John Ebersole, 3-11-78    (PDF: 4858 K)
Pierre Finck, 3-11-78    (PDF: 4491 K)
Pierre Finck, 3-12-78    (PDF: 847 K)
Robert Knudsen, 8-11-78    (PDF: 3720 K)