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John Stringer is the photographer of record at the autopsy of President Kennedy, and took pictures at a supplementary brain exam days later. He was assisted by Floyd Riebe. Stringer was never interviewed by the Warren Commission, and his brief HSCA interview was among those materials apparently not made available to the HSCA's medical panel.

In this deposition taken by the Assassination Records Review Board in 1996, Stringer was played an audiotape of himself telling researcher David Lifton in 1972 with certainty that JFK had a large wound in the occipital (rear) region of the head. Stringer told the ARRB in 1992 that this was not the case. Later in the interview, Stringer disavowed the brain photographers which were supposedly taken by him. He gave several detailed reasons why the photos in the National Archives of the brain were not those he took.

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