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  TRANSCRIPT    (PDF: 2198 K)

Saundra Kay Spencer developed photographs from the autopsy of President Kennedy on the weekend following the assassination. She worked at the Naval Photographic Center in Anacostia, in the "White House lab." Her liaison to the White House was Robert Knudsen, and she worked with Vince Madonia. Ms. Spencer, never before interviewed in association with this case, was shown the autopsy photographs held in the National Archives. She told ARRB Chief Counsel Jeremy Gunn that those photographs were not the ones she developed, based both on the content of the pictures (hers were "clean" and unbloody) and the type of film used (color positives as opposed to color transparencies). She appears to have processed photos which were taken after cleanup of the body, but these photos are not to be found in the official record nor the public domain.

The first segment is a phone interview prior to the deposition. The remaining three are successive segments of the deposition, listed in sequential order (despite the confusing tape reel/side names). The last tape begins with 7 minutes of silence, recorded while Ms. Spencer examined autopsy photographs.

Phone Interview (Reel 1)27:25WMAMOVMP3 
Reel 3, Side 130:55WMAMOVMP3 
Reel 230:09WMAMOVMP3 
Reel 3, Side 229:21WMAMOVMP3