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Floyd Riebe assisted John Stringer in the taking of photographs at the autopsy of President Kennedy. Riebe told the ARRB that around 100 black-and-white photographs were taken with a press pack. No press pack photographs are present in the official collection of autopsy photos, which also contains far fewer photographs than that number. Riebe apparently was the one who took the "120" film which was pulled from the camera by a Secret Service agent, the images of which were partially restored by the ARRB's efforts.

Riebe remembered a large occipital wound, saying "the right side in the back was gone," but when shown autopsy photographs he said "I just didn't remember it properly."

There is a technical problem with the second tape, which starts to speed up partway through and continues to accelerate to the end of the tape. It is not known whether this problem exists with the original recording or only with the reference copy used. See the transcript for the final portion of the interview.

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