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Bethesda X-ray technician Jerrol Custer and his assistant Edward Reed took the X-rays at the autopsy of President Kennedy, under the supervision of Chief of Radiology John Ebersole, who was also present. Custer discussed his recollections of the autopsy, which included several interesting stories and observations. He also verified the Archives' X-rays as those taken by him, though he remembered taking three in particular that were missing from the collection.

Custer told ARRB Chief Counsel Jeremy Gunn that he had already taken X-rays by the time he saw Jackie Kennedy enter Bethesda Naval Hospital. He also told of a conversation he overheard the following day, in which Ebersole told a Dr. Loy Brown that "certain pertinent things were taken care of" with regard to the X-rays. Custer expressed sharp disdain for Ebersole, and disputed several aspects of Ebersole's testimony before the HSCA.

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