Warren Commission Hearings, Volume V


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Volume V of the Warren Commission Hearings and Exhibits volumes is the last of 5 volumes of testimony taken by the Commission members in Washington DC. There are 10 additional volumes of testimony and affidavits taken by staff members in various locations, and 11 volumes of Exhibits.

Volume V consists of testimony from the directors of the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service and their senior subordinates, ballistics experts from the FBI and from the Army's Edgewood Arsenal, the head of the State Department and employees of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Dallas Police Department officers, and others including Marina Oswald, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Jack Ruby. Ruby was interviewed in his Dallas jail cell by Commission members Earl Warren and Gerald Ford, accompanied by general counsel J. Lee Rankin and staff members Arlen Spector and Joseph Ball. The testimony in this volume was conducted between May 6 and September 6, 1964 (the Warren Report was delivered to President Johnson on September 24, 1964).

Title  (PDF: 71 K)
Preface  (PDF: 52 K)
Contents  (PDF: 111 K)
Alan H. Belmont  (PDF: 2572 K)
Lt. Jack Revill  (PDF: 1051 K)
V. J. Brian  (PDF: 871 K)
Robert A. Frazier  (PDF: 1284 K)
Dr. Alfred G. Olivier  (PDF: 1305 K)
Dr. Arthur J. Dziemian  (PDF: 376 K)
Dr. Frederick W. Light, Jr.  (PDF: 292 K)
J. Edgar Hoover  (PDF: 2059 K)
John A. McCone and Richard Helms  (PDF: 812 K)
Thomas J. Kelley  (PDF: 441 K)
Leo J. Gauthier  (PDF: 307 K)
Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt  (PDF: 2120 K)
Robert A. Frazier resumed  (PDF: 889 K)
Thomas J. Kelley resumed  (PDF: 152 K)
Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt resumed  (PDF: 209 K)
Mrs. John F. Kennedy  (PDF: 284 K)
Jack Ruby  (PDF: 2539 K)
Henry Wade  (PDF: 3380 K)
Patrick T. Dean  (PDF: 385 K)
Waggoner Carr  (PDF: 227 K)
Richard Edward Snyder  (PDF: 3143 K)
John A. McVickar  (PDF: 652 K)
Abram Chayes  (PDF: 988 K)
John A. McVickar resumed  (PDF: 711 K)
Abram Chayes resumed  (PDF: 1769 K)
Bernice Waterman  (PDF: 1313 K)
Hon. Dean Rusk  (PDF: 738 K)
Frances G. Knight  (PDF: 1250 K)
Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald resumed  (PDF: 1627 K)
Harris Coulter  (PDF: 213 K)
Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald resumed  (PDF: 865 K)
Robert Alan Surrey  (PDF: 2038 K)
James J. Rowley  (PDF: 3011 K)
Robert Carswell  (PDF: 147 K)
Bernard William Weissman  (PDF: 3533 K)
Robert G. Klause  (PDF: 815 K)
Mark Lane resumed  (PDF: 1266 K)
Statement of President Lyndon B. Johnson  (PDF: 324 K)
Statement of Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson  (PDF: 329 K)
Ambassador Llewellyn E. Thompson  (PDF: 560 K)
C. Douglas Dillon  (PDF: 1329 K)
Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald resumed  (PDF: 2401 K)