(undated) Oswald's Foreign Activities (Coleman and Slawson to Rankin)


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This 100+ page internal report was not released until the 1990s. It is an internal report on Oswald's foreign activities and the possibility of a foreign conspiracy in the assassination. Warren Commission staff members William Coleman and David Slawson had generally focused in this area, and took a trip to Mexico City in April 1964 to meet with CIA officers there (there is a separate report on that trip). Most of the focus of this report is on possible Soviet involvement in the assassination, though there are shorter chapters on Cuba and anti-Castro Cuban exiles.

Title  (PDF: 366 K)
I. Some General Considerations  (PDF: 277 K)
A. "Foreign Involvment" Defined
B. "Agent for What?"
C. The Over-all Relevance of Political Motive
II. Involvement by the Soviet Union  (PDF: 4518 K)
A. The circumstances surrounding Oswald's entry into the Soviet Union in October 1959...
1. Possible Communist contacts while Oswald was in the Marine Corps
2. Indications of outside help in his travel and entry into Russia
B. Did Oswald receive Secret Soviet instructions after he arrived in Moscow and made known his intentions to defect?
1. Evidence that the suicide attempt was authentic
2. The fact that we would not know about the suicide attempt if it were not for Oswald's Diary
3. Evidence that Oswald was not accepted by the Soviets for permanent residence in Russia unduly soon after he arrived there
4. Post-assassination statements by Soviet Officials
5. Opinion of CIA
6. Other actions that are not consistent with Oswald having been "coached"
7. Nosenko's Statements
C. Special benefits granted to Oswald while he was in the Soviet Union...
D. Oswald's activities with his "hunting club" in Minsk: Were these a cover for some sort of secret training?
E. Oswald's relationship with Marina: Might she have been chosen by the KGB to work with him as an agent...
F. The alleged ease with which Marina and her husband were able to leave Russia
1. The coincidence between the timing of the request by Mrs. Marguerite Oswald that her son be notified...
2. Lee Harvey Oswald's travel from Minsk to Moscow without prior approval of the Soviet authorities
3. The Oswalds staying at the Hotel Berlin
4. The alleged unusual rapidity with which the Oswalds were able to obtain permission...
G. The Oswalds' contacts with the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C., after they took up residence in the United States
H. Yuri Ivanovich Nosenko
I. Documentation furnished by the Soviet Government at our request
J. An overall assessment of the likelihood of Soviet involvement
III. Involvement by Cuba  (PDF: 1030 K)
1. Statement of Pedro Gutierrez Valencia
2. Statement of Gilberto Alvarado Ugarte
IV. Anti-Castro Cuban Involvement  (PDF: 289 K)