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Volume X of the HSCA's Appendices contains staff reports on anti-Castro Cuban exiles, CIA assassination plots against Fidel Castro, and the story of Rose Cheramie. It includes the HSCA's analysis of the "retaliation theory" promoted in articles by Jack Anderson.

Title  (PDF: 58 K)
Anti-Castro Activists and Organizations and Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans 
  (PDF: 36 K)
  (PDF: 107 K)
I. The Ingredients of an Anti-Castro Cuban Conspiracy
  (PDF: 957 K)
II. The Odio Incident
  (PDF: 1130 K)
III. Antonio Veciana Blanch
  (PDF: 1348 K)
IV. Cuban Revolutionary Council: A Concise History
  (PDF: 206 K)
V. Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC): New Orleans Chapter
  (PDF: 163 K)
VI. Brigade 2506--Manuel Artime--Movimiento de Recuperacion Revolucionaria (MRR)
  (PDF: 289 K)
VII. Movimiento Democrata Cristiano (MDC)
  (PDF: 334 K)
VIII. Junta Revolucionaria Cubana (JURE)
  (PDF: 254 K)
IX. Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE)
  (PDF: 537 K)
X. Movimiento Insurreccional de Recuperacion Revolucionaria (MIRR) and Orlando Bosch Avila
  (PDF: 330 K)
XI. Junta del Gobierno de Cuba en el Exilio
  (PDF: 643 K)
XII. David Ferrie
  (PDF: 1339 K)
XIII. 544 Camp Street and Related Events
  (PDF: 978 K)
XIV. Manuel Ray Rivero (MRP-JURE)
  (PDF: 397 K)
XV. Addendum to the Junta del Gobierno de Cuba en el Exilio: Carlos Rodriguez Quesada
  (PDF: 187 K)
The Evolution and Implications of the CIA-Sponsored Assassination Conspiracies Against Fidel Castro  (PDF: 3161 K)
I. Foreword
II. Background Material--Relevant Summary
A. CIA-Mafia Plots
B. Las Vegas Wiretap Incident
C. Robert Maheu and the Long Committee
D. Efforts of John Roselli to Avoid Prosecution
E. Debut of the Retaliation Theory
F. CIA 1967 Inspector General's Report
G. Anderson Articles
H. Roselli Deportation
I. Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities
J. CIA 1977 Task Force Report
K. Recent Anderson Articles
III. Issue Analysis
A. Preface
B. AMLASH Operation
C. CIA - Organized Crime Plots
Rose Cheramie  (PDF: 461 K)